Monday, March 2, 2015

Major media missing DNR-related Walker cuts, staff moves

Walker's office posted it with little fanfare early Friday evening, I posted and gave it context Saturday, but unless I've missed it I see no major media reporting that Deputy DNR Secretary, ex-builder association executive and attorney Matt Moroney - - a leading figure in conservative policy-making in Walker's administration for the last four years - - has been moved to a new position of Senior Advisor in Walker's office.

Given that Walker is continually absent from the state while his controversial budget must be addressed by the Legislature, you'd think this staffing development would have gotten at least the same coverage as Walker's multiple campaign hires.

I also see little comprehensive mainstream media coverage linking cuts in Walker's budget to environmental programs at both the UW and the DNR.

I put together one summary.

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has put up a site with several budget-related analyses and documents, here.


Anonymous said...

it was in the sports section of the Sunday Urinal on the hunting/ fishing page in the back in a little blurb below the fold. Sort of a goodbye, Maroney piece.

Bill Kurtz said...

Did you notice the other person considered as Maroney's replacement was the lobbyist/spokesman for the iron mine? What an "in your face" move that would have been- putting a mining lobbyist at the DNR.