Tuesday, March 31, 2015

UW staff cuts, a/k/a Walker's WI 'Idea," expand to more campuses

The historical Wisconsin Idea was the application of knowledge for the greater good - - "sifting and winnowing" to get to the truth and its public benefits.

Walker's still-not-corrected Wisconsin Idea, or "drafting error," [Sic] attacks the original, cuts the UW schools' budgets, and dumbs-down the notion of searching science - - so now four of the campuses are responding by offering buyouts to staff who will take their knowledge, experience and productivity elsewherein response to his proposed $300 million in cuts, program deletions, purchasing reductions, and more.

The original Wisconsin Idea was supposed to benefit Wisconsin.

Walker's perverse rewrite will benefit other states.

On, Wisconsin?  Nope. On, Minnesota, Iowa, Stanford, Yale, etc.

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