Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Des Moines Register reports Walker aide/Twitter flap

Media today had pounced on Walker for hiring as a social media consultant one Liz Mair - - whom he'd used before - -for bashing Iowa online - - go figure - - and now Iowa's biggest paper has the story.

With Team Walker defending her - - go figure some more:
When The Des Moines Register asked Team Walker what Mair was referring to when she said Iowa is "once again" embarrassing itself, Rick Wiley, a top political adviser to Walker, answered: "Liz Mair was brought on to Our American Revival as an online consultant, not as a policy adviser. Governor Walker has had very substantive conversations with Iowans on issues important to them and will continue this dialogue through Our American Revival.".


Anonymous said...

So now Walker's campaign is flinging poo at Iowa. Figures. He has dumped on Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

"Liz Mair, founder and President of Mair Strategies LLC and adviser to Gov. Rick Perry"


Let's count. One two......OOOPS

Actually what this is about is the corporate branch (Koch/ALEC/rMONEY/BOOSH/Halliburton/EXXON) of the party has decided that the Iowa Straw Poll can't be killed as Gov Branstad (founding ALEC capo) tried to do. So it needs to be publicly dissed and diminished.

Walker just declared a state of hostility with Vanderplaatz and his bible beating throngs who really run the Straw Poll.