Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wisconsin, land of faster shots

What other state is fast-tracking legislation to a) raise the speed limit, b) drop the 48-hour so-called cooling off period governing handgun sales, and c) allow vendors to give away in-store, hard-liquor samples?


Anonymous said...

Wait until they vote (and pass) privatizing prisons, guaranteeing high occupancy rates (90+ percent full of prisoners). Then we will see all of this weeks spectacular legislatin' come full circle!

Anonymous said...

We have an economy that's in the dumpster and a governor who creates jobs that pay less than $10 an hour and then less than half the jobs he promised, a budget that's in deficit and these legislators can find nothing better to do than pass crap like this. It's really on top of every citizens list that they get a free sample of liquor. These clowns need more than one clown car to fit them all in. If we don't get rid of these goofs in the 2016 elections we all deserve to be run over by a car going 70 mph.

my5cents said...

I saw this comment on that story on our local news website this morning that said "Omg how cool. I can drive around all day, get free samples of booze, get toasted for free, and speed race on the hwy." If they are going to approve 1/2 ounce samples of one per visit, can we go in the store 10 times for 5 ounces and then go drive. Shouldn't it have been one sample per day. Don't we have much more serious problems in this state than what a certain liquor tastes like. What a waste of legislative time.