Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One big difference among Walker-Hillary-Jeb's email problems

Walker is the only one whose secret email system led to criminal charges, convictions and now, with appeals exhausted, the imminent jailing of another of his ex-County staff appointees on a felony misconduct charge.

The same one who took the system down after it was discovered and publicized, and after Walker had emailed another key ex-staffer jailed in the scandal to say there should be no more such private Internet work.

The same one whom Walker continued to use as a traveling campaign aide after she'd resigned from his County staff, having been charged in his email system scandal.

The same one who'd been granted immunity in an earlier Wisconsin scandal involving public employees doing GOP partisan work on public time.


Anonymous said...

yup, the differences between these different emails stories is the criminality. Only Walker has associates doin' jail time, convicted on felonies.

And kelly reindflisch had the State Supreme Court turn her appeal down, so she starts her 6 mo. sentence and then is banned for any more politicin'.

Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects appeal by former Walker aide Rindfleisch


I just hope Walker, Bush, and republicans keep talkin' about this.

Sue said...

Isn't Walker's system the only one specifically designed as a shadow system, an email account that the public couldn't request open records for because no one knew it existed?
I mean, Hillary used private email but at some point if someone needed to do an FOA they would have known it existed.
As much as I hate that Hillary has put Dems into this completely avoidable situation, I also think it's very important to continuously note that the public was never supposed to know about Walker's shadow email system and that is the biggest difference between him and anyone else doing stupid stuff with email.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You're completely correct Sue. As far as I know, the Ready for Hillary PAC didn't give foreign policy tips on that 2nd Clinton email site, which is the equivalent of what Walker did in Milwaukee County.

Don't believe me? Remember Keith Gilkes ordering "not a scrap of paper" being around to indicate a problem with McArthur Square when that kid died from being hit by falling debris? So please, keep talking Scotty. There's a whole lot more that you've done that stretches the bounds of legality

Anonymous said...

Walker has evaded the law thus far purposely doing things that indicate he both disregards the law and has no moral compass. I cannot imagine being the mother of the boy killed at O'Donnell parking garage and having to hear Walker tell me he would help me, then politicize the event and change tort laws. In essense, Walker did what he ALWAYS does - he has an adjenda and will tell you what you want to hear but do the opposite behind closed doors. Walker is of same character as Nixon and Putin. Walker will stab Democrats or discarded Republicans in the back. No one except BIG MONEY special interest donors are safe from psychopathic Walker. His ego has landed, and America has a huge problem on their hands.