Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National attention paid to wasteful, distorted WI road-building


Anonymous said...

So how is this meaningful national attention?

I'm sorry, we can cherry pick blogs that say what we wish the national (and in-state!) media would say, but its not at all the same thing in-terms of reach and who may even pay attention.

If we cheer for the bloggers that post what we want and don't call out the media for ignoring the real Scott Walker, nothing will change except there is a very real possibility that Walker ends up in the White House by-hook-or-by-crook.

So the blog you link to is good, but are you saying they have uncovered additional information that some other blogger has already tried to share? Are you saying this somehow has the audience and scope to be equivalent of a NYT article or some other national mainstream media outlet?

Anonymous said...

This boondoggle, tearing up I94 in the heart of Wauwatosa (effectively blocking easy passage out of Milwaukee) when the data shows no need for expansiion and there is no larger plan to make the projecct work, is just another version of Christie's "Time for Some Traffic Problems".

Scott Walker has no use for Milwaukee and it is a matter of public record that he uses his failures as Milwaukee County Executive to tell the rest of the state, "We don't want Wisconsin to be like Milwaukee".

James Rowen said...

A curious comment. I simply said I was glad to see the blog communicating the WI story more widely. And I was reposting the item to help spread the word and give streetsblog.net credit.

Of course, I am not saying it is the = to a NY Times story, but I had earlier reposted the Yahoo piece.

In numerous posts, I have called out media for not doing a good job on the Walker beat.

What are you doing to spread the word, may I ask?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what I am not doing -- promoting media outlets like Milwaukee Journal Sentinel!

I do a great deal, but since this is an anon post, I won't tell you more. If you don't know, maybe its time to get out of the Journal-Sentinel bubble.

Some thump their chests and proclaim, "LOOK AT ME!" others work without credit and recognition so those that make it about themselves cannot attack the folk that do the real work while they promote themselves.

Anonymous said...

Curious? Without any context, your headline proclaims "National Attention" is being paid. Of course, anything posted on the Internet is Internationally available for anone netizen to see.

Surely proclamations of "National Attention" isn't about whether or not it is possible for someone to find information online, but is about whether something is actually being seen, understood, and acted upon across the nation. So you find it curious when someone seeks context for a claim that reasonably appears to be inflated?

Isn't that what the comment sections are for? In what why, outside of being posted onto a global forum, the Internet, is "national attention" being paid to this story?

James Rowen said...

That blog and network is read nationally by urbanists and policymakers. It has many offshoots. You are uninformed.