Thursday, March 12, 2015

Robin Vos, the anti-science guy

The GOP assembly speaker shows his interest in the UW deal is getting rid of tenure.

Remember that earlier shot of his at professors having the gall to teach science in a university setting?
“Of course I want research, but I want to have research done in a way that focuses on growing our economy, not on ancient mating habits of whatever,” said Vos. “So we want to try to have priorities that are focused on growing our economy.”
Who knows - - maybe Vos was the inspiration for dumping the Wisconsin Idea in favor or more workforce development?

That old-timey GOP anti-intellectual hatred of pointy-heads is till very much alive.


old baldy said...

Include all of upper management at DNR as well, going down to Bureau director.

Anonymous said...

Politicians putting themselves in charge of education has been the undoing of a once great educational system in Wisconsin. Does anyone know what ever happened to the reading program that Walker supposedly created when he first took office I suspect it died or was as successful as WEDC and that's why we've heard nothing of it. This state's educational status is in a death spiral. I'm afraid we'll have to let Walker, Vos and Fitz destroy it before Wisconsinites will wake up in time to rebuild it all over from the ground up!

my5cents said...

The Republicans do not want anyone to have job security no matter what form it comes in. No job security with a union to stand up for you and no job security in seniority. Vos also wants to make sure his bottom line continues to grow. That's what they all think of when they pass draconian laws that hurt other people. Their last thought is always how will it benefit me.