Saturday, March 21, 2015

If you've heard about or remember the 'New Nixon'

Or read Joe McGinnis' classic The $elling of the President, you won't be surprised that there's a New Walker, as The New York Times notes:

And John Dean sure nailed it a couple of years ago when he said Walker was "more Nixonian than Nixon." 


Raven said...

"More Nixonian than Nixon" ?

That must be where the N in "Scott WaNker" came from!

Sue said...

Oh shoot, I was hoping it would take awhile for everyone to realize that 'the image' needs work.
It sure would be fun to be there when his handlers try to teach him 'the presidential look'.
There must be a polite way to say "Hey Doofus, every slack-jawed, eyes-half-open picture you take makes you look like you're sleeping through a class at Marquette - snap out of it".
I've been praying to all the gods of mischief that some aide with a short or nonexistent memory of past presidential races will decide it's a great idea to stick Scott in a tank and take a picture. Too late - they've figured out what they have to work with.

Anonymous said...

You also need to add the false narrative Walker is casting, with the help of the state's largest newspaper, that he is surging in popularity because of his "simple roots and common-man lifestyle"!

The talking points are bold-faced lies. Simple folk don't get tens-of-millions of dollars from out-of-state multinational corporate interests and billionaires!

"Common" folk don't illegally coordinate tens-of-millions of dollars across dark money groups that have no use for democracy.

There is nothing "common" or "working man" about Scott Walker.

And when it comes to his upbringing & religion, the words of Christ as explicitly stated in the New Testiment are clear: It is not Christian-Like to take food, housing, ability to raise a family, and healthcare away from the poor.

Yet the state's biggest newspaper wants you to believe that Jesus demanded austerity for the masses and for public money to go to the wealthiest among us!

There is nothing Christian about the Walker agenda which, if he were in the White House would include warmongering. The media across America, lead by MJS, is spreading astounding disinformation!

Raven said...

@ Anonymous :

Oh, but starving the poor and homeless has authentic Biblical precedent! Ezekiel 16:49, in fact; historical details on the point. So it seems around 71 American cities are following that Biblical precedent... into fire and brimstone....