Saturday, March 28, 2015

Walker failed-transparency alert

After a series of self-inflicted Walker blunders revealing his unpreparedness - - and without even mentioning his jaw dropping verbal FUBAR in Arizona last week about being US Commander-in-Chief-ready by having earned Eagle Scout merit badges thirty-years ago - - the authoritative notes that our ambitious Governor traveling with state subsidies is suddenly being kept away from curious media.

I try and tie Walker's reflexive defaults to secrecy and his aversion transparency when I see them (enter the word transparency in the search box, upper left, for more) to the time Walker preposterously claimed ownership of the term by saying he'd "lived it."

Well, he ain't living it now, observes Dylan Byers at the wake of a few controversial, headline-grabbing quotes about evolution and President Obama's religion, the Wisconsin governor and likely Republican presidential candidate has put brakes on his media availability, reporters who follow him say. 
On Friday, Walker toured the Texas-Mexican border with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The tour was closed to the press, and Walker did not take part in a media avail afterward. Similarly, Walker visited Greenville, S.C., last weekend but refused to take questions from the media. Of the six likely Republican candidates to visit the state in the last two months, Walker was the only one to pass on the press.


Sue said...

'In the past, Walker had "repeatedly shown a fearlessness, and even affinity, for patiently taking questions from reporters following the most mundane events or in the face of embarrassing slip-ups," Bauer wrote.'
'In the Madison Statehouse, Walker was known as a press hound who relished the attention of reporters'
When was this?

Anonymous said...


Walker is probably undergoing reprogramming with his masters now. He will only be placed into carefully controlled supporter environments until his reprogramming is complete. Too many ego-centric gaffes have occurred recently as he went off his script and began to ad-lib.

Not to worry, as the press and public talk subsides, he will once again appear before the press. Fret not, for as his ego is truely unintimidated, he will once again toss unintelligable word salads, and preposterous claims of his talent and worthiness.

my5cents said...

Walker's public appearances have always been carefully scripted. He never just pops up in the public and answers questions. He can't. He isn't intelligent enough to be able to do that and make himself sound credible. He is the most intimidated public person I have seen in a long time. That will not change. It's who he is. Everything he does has to come off as perfect. No man is perfect. He gives you bullet points with no detail. Never any detail. An intelligent person would be able to give you their bullet points and the detail.