Friday, March 27, 2015

Walker moving from pandering to Palinesque self-parody

If Sarah Palin had ever suggested she could step in as Commander-in-Chief because she'd been a Girl Scout, she'd have been laughed off the stage even faster, but some reason, Walker can step just as deeply into full Onion mode without instantaneous disqualification.

He's done it repeatedly, and there he goes again.

Saying you are prepared by Eagle Scout training to be the Commander-in-Chief of history's most complex, expensive, far-flung and lethal military in a dangerous, nuclear-armed tinderbox world is like saying that tossing paper airplanes during 3rd-grade recess has prepared you to fly a stealth fighter.

Or that you are qualified to command the International Space Station because you successfully steered the grocery cart to the Moon Pie display forty years ago.


Anonymous said...

Well, when I was working on my Eagle Scout, they DID teach us "duck n' cover."

Raven said...

No, no, no.   He is qualified to command the International Space Station because he can see it from his house.* **
*(Orbital path permitting.)
**(Sarah Palin reference intended.)

my5cents said...

I saw that video with Walker saying that he was qualified to be President because he was an Eagle Scout. It was and still is unbelievable. Was that Walker's Mitt Romney moment or is that one yet to come. What an ego!!! At this point I wouldn't care if it was a Democrat or a Republican in the White House just as long as they have 1,000+ times more intelligence as Walker.

Anonymous said...

Walker doesn't achieve anything without cheating.

Mark E Bye said...

"I can see Gitchee Goomee from my fire pit"

Ernest Martinson said...

Or that you are qualified to vote if you know little about economics, foreign policy, or what an oppressive government has been doing to you and others in your name.

Anonymous said...

Walker gets away with saying crazy things because his speach delivery is lower key than Palin's bug-eyed, full frontal ego methods. Too many people misinterpret Walker's dead-eyed, feigned innocence, sociopath demeanor as just a calm average Joe speaking matter-of-fact, plain old common sense.

"He's just like us. He's not shouting. He doesn't tell us we're wrong. He just tells it like it is; what needs to be done, and how he's gonna do it."