Saturday, March 14, 2015

Walker's email scandal still under-the-radar

Walker has been tied directly to private email use for public business, but today's email news in the pre-presidential run-up is that Jeb Bush has a Hillary Clinton email problem.

Walker's private email system was set up a few feet from his Milwaukee County Executive desk by operatives he hired and whose political work on public time led to six criminal convictions.

Records published from those email files are replete racist and cruel examples.

Others are self-serving and unworthy of a political candidate for dog catcher - - especially a dog catcher with a documented history of hiring racists.

When do national media do their due diligence on the Walker email scandals?

Walker was called to testify before a John Doe (grand jury-like) probe into the matter, and while prosecutors may not reveal his answers, Walker continues to conceal them and thus the full extent of his knowledge about the entire matter rhrough a flimsy talking point.

The other candidates are taking questions. Walker, with a big, bold claim to transparency on his record, has not.

When does Walker's luck run out?

At this weekend's Gridiron Dinner?


Anonymous said...

Walker's email scandal is off the radar by design, just like it was off the radar last fall. Walker has some powerful multinational interests in his corner. The media provides cover here in Wisconsin (you know who I am talking about) and largely does likewise nationally.

The other repug candidates will not bring it up either. They have their marching orders too. They will be careful what they say about the Koch brother's boy. After all, the Koch's are promising to spend close to 1 billion in the general election in 2016.

One reason the media will hammer Clinton about her emails is to inoculate Walker from such scrutiny. The media is already doing this by proclaiming that the reason they don't report real news on Walker is that he doesn't answer questions!


There are plenty of released emails, court documents, and other statements on the record to tell this and many other stories. The media wants you to believe that, since Walker isn't talking now, there's nothing to report.

Nothing could be further from the truth. To have such a horrible record as governor (economy, divisiveness, protests, gaffs, blatant lies, pandering, flip-flops, and outright stupidity) and still have the media promote you as the top contender means one thing: The media in Wisconsin and across America is in the tank for the Koch brother's boy.

Anonymous said...

Walker has most likely been assured by certain Wisconsin Supreme Court justices that the John Doe investigations will "go away", and with them Walker's very own email scandal.

These would be the same "justices" whose campaigns were heavily financed by the very groups that are under investigation in the John Doe.

JMHO said...

I don't trust ANY Politician..too much corruption. That being said..why would the media report on any other e-mail scandal at this time when they're FEASTING on Hillary?
The Republicans have yet to learn that the term "Front runner" is a recipe for Media Doom. One year ago, was Christie..then came "Bridgegate".
We the People DO NOT chose Presidential Candidates..The Media and the Political Parties do. Something to keep in mind when we scandalous headlines about another 2016 Presidential wanna-be..