Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wrong-Way Walker Again Invalidates Transparency Claim

I have noted the contradiction - - and that's a kind term - - but when I see a story with a headline like this - -

Scott Walker keeps IDs of workers in new TV ad under wraps

- - it's instructive to go back to the record:  
Then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker told the Lakeland Times newspaper in a lengthy interview during the gubernatorial campaign published on September 8th, 2010, that his work and behavior as Milwaukee County Executive established and reinforced his belief in open government:
When he says he believes in government transparency, it's not just a campaign slogan, Walker said. 
"I don't just say that, I've lived it," he said.
Transparency - - like dropping the bomb on public employees?

And we've seen Walker's campaign-mode version of transparency [Sic] before:

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's account of communications disclosed in court Monday among Scott Walker, his partisan, gubernatorial campaign team and public officials in County government - - and on his taxpayer-paid staff - - when he was Milwaukee County Executive:
Walker's campaign staff also vetted the county response to the June 24, 2010, death of 15-year-old Jared Kellner, who was killed by a concrete panel that fell from the side of the O'Donnell Park parking garage at the lakefront.

[Then-Walker campaign chief of staff Keith] Gilkes, in an email written the day of the accident, advised Walker's county staff to "make sure there is not a piece of paper anywhere that details any problem at all."


Anonymous said...

The media must hold his feet to the fire on this one. If these are paid actors not real people who somehow obtained real jobs because of a specific Walker policy then this has to be brought out into the light of day for the voters to see. We have had 4 years of secret in the dark of night,behind closed doors single party government. The citizens of this state deserve a governor who is forthcoming and truthful especially after having a governor operate under a cloud of suspicion for his entire term. We've had one "BOMB" dropped on us and that is not how we choose to be governed!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Wisconsin Soapbox says one of the people who "got a job" happens to be the CEO of Murtha Tool Corp. And gee, he got an award from the WMC.

Anonymous said...

If they are paid actors and members of the guild wouldn't there be a book with pictures?

Anonymous said...

Was the Gilkes email a directive to destroy evidence and/or public records? Why didn't the media pursue that more?

Anonymous said...

If one of these individuals is indeed the CEO of a company the crap in this ad should be splattered all over Wisconsin for every voter to see what a down and dirty scumbag our governor is. For an individual who wants to be the leader of the state to resort to not using people who truly represent what this ad depicts and has the total lack of integrity to use the head of a company to claim he found a job thanks to Walker's economic genius is beyond despicable. This so called leader will obviously go so far as to openly lie and deceive the voters to gain his own selfish personal goal and he will disrespect anybody in the process. We deserve much better than this. No wonder companies will not come to Wisconsin to do business they see Scott Walker for what he really is and at anytime he could deceive these very companies also. No one wants to do business in a corrupt atmosphere unless of course you are a party to the corruption. Does anyone out there truly believe that Walker is not up to his elbows in alligators relative to the John Doe investigations. With these lying ads it is not difficult to see why the GAB was concerned that Walker was illegally coordinating campaign funds and ads!

Boxer said...

@ Anonymous August 13, 2014 at 5:35 PM, who asked...

"If they are paid actors and members of the guild wouldn't there be a book with pictures?"

Answer: Yes, it's right there on the GOP shelf next to Romney's "Binders of Women", all volumes.