Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WI DNR Must Prove It's Preparing A Fair Pipeline Review

After the environmental deregulation in Wisconsin set in motion by Wrong-Way Walker and his "chamber of commerce mentality" DNR, it's hard to imagine that the agency will do anything but approve yet another tar sand oil pipeline across Wisconsin following yet another hearing later this month.

Especially after a DNR official offered this bland, blase assessment of the relevance of the disastrous performance of Enbridge pipelines In Wisconsin and elsewhere, like the Kalamazoo River, in Michigan.

Ben Callan, a DNR water regulations and zoning specialist, does not think regulations could stop the agency from approving a pipeline because of past troubles.
"That is not to say that we don't try to learn from our previous experiences," Callan said. "We would try to minimize that risk going forward." 
Yes, disastrous performance. Read the record, here.

Or, here, thanks to The Sierra Club.

And the DNR does itself no favors with nonsensical, demeaning and otherwise counter-productive communications like this one while its track record is so spotty and its agency credibility is so low.

But it's important to send in your comments and your data and your arguments into the official DNR process, as lightning might strike, or a judge down the line might notice the comments and rule against the company and the agency for overlooking science and commonsense.

So here's how to participate, ye people of good and deep faith - - but keep these additional US EPA photos from a four-year, $1 billion+ Enbridge tar sand pipeline pill cleanup in Michigan's Kalamazoo River tell the story and inform you commitment:

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Rather than prevent a disaster they would rather let one happen and then learn from it. Now if that isn't back ass ward thinking nothing is. When they pass it, it will include Sen. Taconite Tiffany's famous legislative wording as in the mining bill: "Adverse impacts on the environment are necessary!"