Thursday, August 14, 2014

On Road Project Safety At School: WisDOT Offers 'Tweaks' Of 54"

Several months ago, I publicized the stone wall that citizens and school board officials in Walworth, WI were running into when trying to convince state transportation and other officials that a planned highway expansion was dangerously close to an elementary school.

Dangerously close, as in 53 feet.

So here's the heart of the official WisDOT response after the good people of Walworth did everything right to petition their government - - making calls, writing letters, having meetings:
Design revisions to add the 2nd signal at WIS 67 and Main Street, adding the northbound right turn lane and other design tweaks allowed US 14 to move an additional 4.5-feet away from the corner of the Walworth School.  The total distance is correctly shown on the attached exhibit as 57.5-feet.
I will be adding this to the regrettably long and expanding list at:

The Disrespected, Manipulated Wisconsin Electorate.

I could also add it to the examples on this blog about highway officials who practice what one planner told me was the typical response to citizen complaints about projects planned and built with citizens' money:

Review and dismiss.

Just shorten it to "arrogance."


Anonymous said...

It is common knowledge among state employees that agencies have no autonomy when it comes to decision making. Walker's office tells each agency how they are to respond. Agency staff are not allowed to have contrary opinions nor in fact any opinions on decisions. The higher ups in each agency enforce the decisions passed down to them and if anyone at lower levels object it will be their job. "Pay to Play" is in effect at all state agencies with the possible exception of DPI! This is how government now operates under Walker. He uses this as absolute power to wield what ever policies his donors deem necessary.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how no one in the media asks the question: "Why do we need more money for WisDOT?" It is simply assumed by the fourth estate that we need more money for Wisdot. So much for critical thinking. As long as WisDOT has unlimited finances, arrogance and bad projects will continue.