Monday, August 4, 2014

Enbridge Oil Spill Fix In Michigan Taking 4+ Years, $1+ Billion

With the tripling of the Enbridge tar sand crude oil pipeline capacity from Superior to Delavan, WI going forward with the blessing of the Journal Sentinel editorial board and without a full environmental review - -  I thought I'd post an update on the Enbridge pipeline spill cleanup of the Kalamazoo River just across Lake Michigan.

Also note, for context, Enbridge's record of spills nationwide, and a separate post cataloguing the pollution the company has caused in Wisconsin, too.

Build it, and they will spill.

Cleaning up a contaminated, 35-mile stretch of the Kalamzaoo River has been the largest inland oil pipeline spill cleanup in US history, with a price tag that passed $1 billion in 2013, but not to worry: the company says everything's been put back just the way it was: 
Enbridge spokesman Jason Manshum said that when removal of contaminated soil from the Morrow Lake delta is complete, which is expected to be mid- to late-summer, the work as outlined under a March 2013 order by the EPA will be complete. Riverbank restoration will continue through the fall along the entire 35-mile stretch of waterway in Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties that was subject to the spill clean-up, he said...
"We're bringing in soils and native plants and trees to make a nice green space like it would look if there had never had been a spill there," Manshum said, "per our agreement with the (Michigan Department of Environmental Equality and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources)."
Then, aside from periodic environmental monitoring, Enbridge's work will be finished, Manshum said. "If there is ever a need to address a particular area (we'll be back), but as far as we know, we are in the final stages." 
Fishing, anyone? 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling out journal sentinel -- you may have friends there and my purpose is not to impinge on anyone's integrity.

But the fact of the matter is that mjs is a right-wing propaganda machine. It is more subtle than former sister wtmj-am, but it is still a divide and conquer vehicle for disinformation.

No one plays the lie of objective journalism better: right-wing talking points, frequently demonstrable lies, are presented as facts; objective realities that don't support the right-wing talking points are presented as opinions by opponents.