Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Double-Standards In WI Animal Killing Punishment

[Updated]  Like I said the other day, some people and the animals they abuse and kill in Wisconsin are worth more than others.

In Northern Wisconsin, the perpetrators got fines, probation or a bit of home detention and loss of hunting privileges for illegally killing dozens of wild animals and protected birds.

Their preferred method of law-breaking dominance: poison. Among their toll: two bald eagles.

In Milwaukee,  a man involved in dog-fighting for money got five years in prison.

No probation or other wrist slaps. No Netflix and home-brewed coffee while serving the 'sentence.' Other people get punishment like that when they kill animals illegally.

But wait, there's more:

Elsewhere in rural Wisconsin - - right now - - other dogs are being allowed to chase down wolves and bears as part of hunting dog training.

And should a dog get killed by wolves in the bear-hunt training, even if the dog was let loose in a known wolf activity area - - not to worry - - because the same state and taxpayers now housing the Milwaukee dog-fighting perpetrator will pay the hunter who let his dog get torn apart by the larger wolves up to $2,500 - - so the hunter can go get another disposable dog.

And from the DNR an hour or so ago:

Bear hound killed in Iron County

On August 4, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed a 6 year old Plott bear hound. The attack occurred in the Town of Omro, Iron County. More information and a caution area map are available on the gray wolf webpage.
Hunters are reminded to use the caution area maps on the DNR website (dnr.wi.gov, keyword "wolf management") to help reduce conflicts during this year's bear dog training and hunting season.


Anonymous said...

The anti-wolf hate pages on Facebook are also threatening "war" against wolves through poison and poaching and the DNR is doing NOTHING to counter the lies and misinformation being spread by the hounders and other wolf haters. As usual the hounders claim that they are the "victims" in this when one of their dogs are killed. I also want to know where the so-called "ethical hunters" are in this? They sure are silent when it comes to wolves.

Not a hunter… but a listener said...

Sadly I think a lot of the ethical hunters are quiet because they are confused by the "noise", lies, misinformation and other BS about wolves. Many think that the wolves are responsible for the decline in the deer populations and therefor killing the wolves will enhance their opportunity to harvest deer.

Anonymous said...

The money, that pays for all wolf damage comes from the sale of wolf tags, not from taxpayers as you are well aware. If more claims for all damage caused by wolves exceeds the money taken in by the sale of wolf tags, then all claims are prorated.

James Rowen said...

That tag money belongs to the taxpayers once the DNR collects it. It could used for many other purposes.

Anonymous said...

1. The township is OMA, not Omro. So much for accuracy in the Walker/Stepp DNR. Get to know your state!

2. This is the second depredation incident on a hunting dog in that same area in less than one month. This recent incident occurred less than one mile from the site of an incident on July 13th. Stupid is, as stupid does.