Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DNR Secretary Stepp Launches Another PR Dud. "!"

This is a perfect example of how the DNR shoots itself in the foot and reinforces its current image as a one-or-two-note, tone-deaf agency serving hunters and few others with equal dedication:

Below is today's agency email about the Wisconsin State Fair and the DNR booth there. 

I noted in an early posting about the booth that the agency was touting some archery and laser shooting fun there.

In today's email you will not see one word about the DNR's constitutional and statutory role as the people's advocate for clean and accessible water, land and air.

Or the celebration of a genuine environmental success on behalf of the public.

The best the agency can do is send out some nonsense straight from Secretary Stepp Tips for Bad Writing:

"Grab a breath of fresh air and experience a piece of Wisconsin wilderness...Don't miss out on on the magic of Wisconsin's wild-side!"

That tell-tale "!" - - like the even bigger ! in the item's sub-title with the word "Drop" inexplicably capitalized in "Don't Forget to Drop by DNR! - -  is pure Stepp, as if extra special punctuation, teen-texting-style, carries some extra special sincerity and makes a connection 4 U through the agency dribble.

Noted several times on this blog in DNR communications. Here, for example.

Or here - - complete with multiple colors and multiple exclamation marks!!

Even when using the term "asbestos related fun fact!" in a clean air promo:
For the week of March 30, 2014:"This year, the ADAA (Asbestos Disease Awareness Association) is celebrating Global Asbestos Awareness Week by posting "7 Facts for 7 Days." View ADAA [exit DNR] each day this week for an asbestos related fact!
And why put out this chirpy word salad when, at the same time, the agency is green-lighting oil pipeline expansion, mega-dairy expansion, frac sand mine expansion, Penokee Hills rock sample excavation, wolf slaughter and wolf-dog fighting - - all with feeble enforcement against violaters?

And why hawk magazine subscriptions - - 7 issues for $7!" - - with a cover story about state parks when the DNR is sending signals that it sees sees no problem giving away a piece of that "Wisconsin wild-side!" in Kohler Andrae State Park for a high-end golf course planned by Herbert Kohler, a major Scott Walker donor?

How does the DNR expect to be taken seriously? 

Does Stepp care how ridiculous she makes the agency look? Imagine working there and trying to do good science and public outreach and environmental protection and this is how top management helps you out?


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Anonymous said...

Cathy Stepp=fawn killer

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Whatta bimbo.