Friday, February 1, 2013

More Data, Commentary, About Gun Dangers In The Home

Ruth Marcus at The Washington Post gathers data and argument to show women are at greater risk when a gun is in an American home.

First, women are far more likely to be the victims of gun violence than to benefit from using a gun in self-defense... 
Women with a gun in the home were nearly three times as likely to be the victim of homicide than women living in a home without firearms, according to a 2003 study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.
Regrettably, you could write this story on any given day - - like yesterday:
Gun In The Home = Domestic Shooting 
Data show that guns in the home are far more likely to used by family members against each other, rather than against intruders for self-defense. 
Current Milwaukee case in point: 
A 27-year-old Army veteran who police say fatally shot his wife Sunday during a quarrel at the home they shared with their young daughter contends the victim committed suicide.


Anonymous said...

I happened to see your recent editorial in the JS re: the mining issue. That was a really well-written intelligent little item. Like, I mean it was excellent. I also appreciate the fact that you made a reference to the extremely maddening distortion of facts re: the early WI miners. Anyone who has relatives near, or has visited Mineral Point/Pendarvis knows the men were called badgers because they crawled in tiny holes and hand-dug everything. Even so, the area was devastated, this is clearly stated on the Pendarvis website. Yet the facts seem to be irrelevant. But as I said, great work in the JS. Why you so often choose to write so much like the other noobs is beyond me. It's like that Harrison Bergeron story, I guess the need to be popular/one-of-the-guys is the most effective Handicapper General of all. Too bad.
p.s. I saw Dave Giffey refer to this GTac mine as being the "biggest open pit mine in the world". If that's correct (and I believe it) then it would be nice to see that repeated as much as possible don't you think? All hail Giffey for making that point.
'K bye. O_o

Anonymous said...

maybe all the stoooopid people will shoot each other!

Wouldn't that be great?