Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Talk Radio/Walker/WMC Alliance On Full Display

Where Walker will tell low-income, Medicaid-eligible residents to re-lace their bootstraps:

Business Day in Madison


Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Monona Terrace Community & Convention Center, Madison
In November, America decided our elected officials should stay the course.  But what does that mean for your business, your employees, your families and our nation?  Will our leaders be dedicated to economic growth and opportunity?
Please join us as we present some of the brightest minds in the nation to discuss the future.


Charlie Sykes
Talk Show Host, WTMJ Radio


Anonymous said...

So creepy....

Anonymous said...

I see Patience Roggensack will be presenting as well.

But it's a non-partisan post, supreme court justice.

or not

Boxer said...

A few thoughts about the flyer:

1) the only man not wearing a tie: Good Time Charlie. (Need to work on that gravitas, Chuckles!)

2) not included in the brightest minds as having some knowledge of a particular subject area: Sykes and Walker.

3) typically an entertainer of some sort is the emcee. Guess planners have stuck with tradition on this one. Chuckles is most definitely an entertainer of some sort.

4) . . . unless they wanted to give Chuckles a promotion from 'usher.' 'Scuse me, seat attendant.

5) "Closing Speaker" seems an apt metaphor for our Guv Walker:

Closed for high speed rail business.
Closed for wind turbine business.
Closed for green technology businesses.
Closed for business.
Closed for innovation, creativity, 21st century thinking, real leadership.
Closed minds.
Closed the capitol.
Closing public schools.
Closing unions.
Closing health care.
Closing the environment.
Closing the middle class.
Closing off public comment/debate.
Closing the public commons.
Closing opportunity.

He really is an expert closing speaker.

Anonymous said...

You have your side of the street, rowan, proppin' up the propaganda.

This has much less to do with an "alliance" that is now revealed and much more to do with a disinformation network that created the illegitimate gov. scott walker and fraudulently hoisted him up as a "rock star".

It is very disappointing to see an experienced media man proclaim this is something new or out of the ordinary -- it is what has been going on for years in Wisconsin and you have your role in it -- propping up journal communications.

This is shameless propaganda and your work illustrates the lie of objective journalism -- that truth doesn't matter.

James Rowen said...

to Anon 2:21 p.m. Nowhere do I say this is new. I've been writing about corporate power in this state for more than 40 years. And you can't even spell my name correctly, so the joke is on you.

Gareth said...

Governor Walker was sponsored by Security Health Plan/Marshfield Clinic? Did they pay him a speaking fee?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Marshfield Clinic? That's where WEDC Chair Reed Hall came from. Little quid pro quo?