Friday, February 1, 2013

Journal Sentinel Op-Ed Criticizes The Paper, Opposes Mining Bill

The Journal Sentinel has published an opinion piece I posted a few days ago on this blog (the full version is here), and also at the newspaper's Purple Wisconsin site, that opposed the mining bill and the newspaper's editorial coverage of the issues.

You can read the opinion piece as it ran in the paper today, here:

After much back and forth on the merits and gaps in an iron mining bill being rushed to adoption by the GOP-controlled state Legislature, the Journal Sentinel Editorial Board Sunday found too many flaws in the bill (written by mining insiders) to support it - and, in its own words, "leans toward" (now there's a modifier) an alternative proposal by Sen. Tim Cullen (D-Janesville) unless the GOP bill is repaired.

But it still says the mine is "necessary."

The editorial is weak tea further diluted...


John Kaufman said...

Well done, James. Thanks for getting some mining education into the newspaper. I hope the editors take a closer look and reconsider.

Dennis Grzezinski said...

It looks like the editorial board is very, very slowly inching towards publicly recognizing who is speaking truth, and who has been putting up nothing but a smokescreen. Whether they will inform their readers on this subject, before the legislature takes action on mining laws, is the big question.