Saturday, February 23, 2013

Clarke Just Another Phony Conservative At The Public Trough

He gripes about his budget but it's flush enough to pay for his egomanical, gun-totin' ads.

What a phony.


Anonymous said...

Clarke is ENTIRELY a media creation and the press he gets is what makes all of this possible.

I have become disillusioned that your constantly blog about media darlings that are hoisted before us and give the media that creates the bigger-than-life "rock stars" a free pass.

Guess its because your a media guy and can draw more attention to yourself calling out the folks IN FRONT of the microphones and cameras instead of the propaganda machine BEHIND the mic and cameras.

Anonymous said...

Your comment Anony, describes Obama perfectly.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Our rules don't apply to us." The real GOP motto for the 21sr Century. And they wonder why they're at 35% approval and falling