Monday, February 11, 2013

Glenn Grothman - - Caulk This!

File:Kittilla, Finland; Open Pit Mine.jpg

Glenn Grothman says just dab on a little of this.

When Penokee Hills blasting and open-pit digging cracks your well and swallows up its water...


Anonymous said...

grothman has plenty of those pointy tubes filled with various substances including caulk.

He has other uses for them for his own personal "open pit" mining.

Anonymous said...

do you deny that caulking, by definition, is a legitimate and scientifically sound method of preventing water flow from one area to another? Are you some kind of anti-science Luddite?

Anonymous said...

James - that's not the right kind of caulk. I believe it's cement caulk you will need. Thousands of trucks carrying cement mixed with water.

Where will they get that water?

Very very funny but sad that one of senators is so ignorant.

Anonymous said...

grothman is chairman of the caulk caucus.