Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good Article On Mining Issues in Wisconsin Gazette

Another keeper:

More than 20 perennial streams flow through the proposed mining area, according to a study published by Tom Fitz, associate professor of geoscience at Northland College in Ashland. Many of those streams have been designated as exceptional or outstanding resource waters by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Fitz and others are concerned about the potential impact the mine might have on the flow as well as the chemistry of the groundwater and surface water that spreads from the mining area. That area is full of pyrites and other sulfur-bearing minerals, which could send acid mine drainage down the Bad River, the Tyler Forks River, and other rivers that spill into Lake Superior.
[7:15 p.m. update] A commenter who cannot tell the difference between the Wisconsin Gazette and The Janesville Gazette in Paul Ryan's home town forces me to put up this link to the Janesville operation so readers can see that there are two news organizations sharing the word Gazette. To both publications - - you're welcome.]


Anonymous said...

Why are you promoting the teabaggin' bliss crap out of janesville -- sure, even a monkey eventually will randomly correctly spell a word if we let them dink around on a keyboard long enough.

The propaganda rag out of janesville props up scott walker and paul ryan and constently promotes interests that undermine the well-being of that community.

Surely you could source this more responsibly and not prop up wisconsin's media echo-chamber.

Well, maybe you can't, since you are fully in bed with journal communications.

FACT: the bliss media "empire" endorses everything walker and koch/alec inspired.

James Rowen said...

It's hard to know if Anonymous is for real - - but the comment confuses Janesville Gazette with Wisconsin Gazette.

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

It is real? The bliss media outlets are propaganda and you should know that.

The headline you post does clearly say Wisconsin Gazette -- looks like someone misread.

But the comment is real and hence the poster is.

Anonymous said...

Twenty perennial streams flow through the proposed mining area? Your definition of the boundary of the mining area is certainly different than what the mining company’s is. Perhaps you could provide a map which shows those streams which the mining company has said that they will need to fill in.