Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fine Op-Ed On Iron Mine Consequences

Essayist Eric Hansen, familiar with the Penokee Hills, is trying to save them:

I know this place. After walking 800 miles to assess Wisconsin's most memorable natural areas, I chose to highlight the Penokee Hills in my book "Hiking Wisconsin."
Now, imagine the Penokee's ridgeline, and the sparkling water of its trout streams, turned into an industrial sacrifice zone - on a scale that is almost beyond belief.

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Anonymous said...

We desperately need more of these types of informative articles immediately. The mining bill is going to the joint finance committee on Monday and then to the full legislature after that. The bill is moving forward like a bulldozer and if we don’t stop it now it will soon bulldoze over the Penokee hills and then the tribal lands and then Lake Superior. If the bill passes the only ones left to stop this destructive mine will be the tribe. Will there be any organized protests on Monday? If not, perhaps there should be.