Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Talk Radio Grandiosity Alert: You've Been Warned, Newspaper Newsroom

Sykes is taking up air time today on WTMJ-AM radio justifying the pay wall now in operation at his new, righty online service.

He tells listeners who don't like the $4.99/mo. fee for certain content that his bosses (that would be Journal Broadcast Group) have given him only two full-time staffers - - this is while multiple buyouts and budgets cuts from other Journal Communications bosses have decimated what Sykes calls "the dead tree" - - while he wants a dozen staffers to "expand" the operation and "go head-to-head with the Journal Sentinel."


Jake formerly of the LP said...

I knew Sykes thought his listeners were morons, but does he think those guys don't know that he and the "dead tee" GET PAID BY THE SAME COMPANY???

Just when you think they can't get more cynical, the right-wing slime polluting our airwaves finds a way to go lower

Anonymous said...

Anyone thinks that the propaganda is affected in any way by the contradiction of playing its entirely right-wing pro-walker brands against each other really is no better than the other "morons" they decry.

There are ignorant and uninformed people on BOTH sides of Wisconsin's divide and conquer chasm -- division that is growing.

Coke wants you to think they compete with minute maid and their other beverage lines too.

With enough propaganda, sykes can make a lot of hay about this and those expressing outrage -- especially when they work for journal communications -- are not really any more informed than charlie's crowd.

And he laughs all the way to the bank over these charades.

Anony Too said...

What does Chuckie need ANY staffers for?? It's not as if he reports any news or does much of anything except spout his opinion out of his ass.

Anonymous said...

Anony -- taking the talking points from the RNC and translating them into powerful propaganda to blast almost entirely across the state with added racist and sexist overtones is hard work.

Part of the problem here is people just don't get it -- SYKES IS NOT JUST SPOUTING OFF HIS HALF-BAKED OPINIONS!

This is part of a larger right-wing echo chamber and Sykes uniquely plays a prominent role in a state which multinational corporate interests have targeted with "divide and conquer" to flip permanently red.

They are winning this battle because the public has been too dumb down to see how the propaganda works -- to keep his edge and take the road show nationa -- sykes needs a very large team of propagandists.

Why do people want to dumb down all issues to the personalities in front of the cameras and microphones? The real problem is a massive financial empire of multinational corporate interest for whom the individual shills work for.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well said. Chuckles ain't coming up with all this on his own and he sure isn't going rogue. Which is why the cynicism is so disgusting to us on the above-ground world

Anony Too said...

It still begs the question of what the Chuckster needs 12 staffers for. . . or even one. The talking points are already written. He only has to go on air and spout them off--as IF they're coming out his own ass, instead of the Koch brothers ass-megaphone.

RNC talking points arrive with pre-loaded racist and sexist code. So what you're saying is that Sykes is "no value added."

100% agreed.