Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jeff Wagner Raises Crime Fears

Second WTMJ-AM banana Jeff Wagner went on a anecdote-fueled but data-free rant today about what he says is Milwaukee crime spreading west into Wauwatosa.

He said "bad guys...creeps...perverts" were coming from Milwaukee as crime will "spread and spread and spread" into the suburbs.

Enabled by lenient judges, etc. etc.

Brought to you without shame by Journal Communications.


Anonymous said...

he's just following your master's orders -- journal communication's shameless propping up of teabaggin' sheriff david clarke's "get in the game" rant.

Media calls for vigilantism have to be propped up with racist scare tactics -- this is how divide and conquer works.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker moved from Milwaukee to Wauwatosa.