Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Thought About The Derek Williams Death Inquest

The advisory inquest jury is still out today in the Derek Williams death-in-police-custody case, but just this thought after the testimony of one police officer who testified under a grant of immunity.

If you ever get stopped for an offense by a police officer, this is the kind of officer witness you'd pray for:

[Patrick] Coe, who also took the stand Tuesday, said he was unable to recall numerous key details about the arrest. When asked what position Williams was in when he first said he could not breathe, Coe said he couldn't remember. He couldn't remember whether anyone gave Williams a sternum rub. He couldn't remember whether Williams fell as they took him to a squad car. He couldn't remember who was sitting in the front of the squad car while Williams was in the back. He couldn't remember any of the names of the seven to 10 officers who were standing around the car.

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