Monday, February 11, 2013

Glenn Grothman On Water Quality And Mine Cracks: 'Caulk It'

West Bend GOP State Senator And Fix-It Guy Glenn Grothman told a Mellen farm family their 150-ft. well would be safe from mine operations to create a 1,000-ft. deep open pit canyon blasted a mile from their home because mine operators would prevent leaks by caulking any cracks.

Since the mine being pushed by Grothman and other GOP legislative mine captives is projected at 4.5 miles long in phase one, with another 18 miles possible, I am definitely buying stock in this company:

Audio/video with the farm family, here.

Hat tip, Rebecca Kemble!


Dennis Grzezinski said...

Where do they expect to be able to find caulk that can withstand years of blasting, using millions of tons of high explosives, day after day, week after week, for year after year, as the Penokee Hills are blown to smithereens and shoved into nearby lands and waters, just to get to the iron ore? Caulking the cracks? Who is kidding who here?

Boxer said...

Once again Grothman speaks from the perspective he knows best: his mother's basement.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Just an FYI to those uniformed.

There are mines in many locations with nearby private wells and many of them much closer than a mile.

Waukesha has some quarries as does Sussex and Lisbon, Menomonee Falls etc, all with blasting.

I'd be much more concerned living near a landfill than I would a mining operation.

And yes, to get the iron ore you need to mine it. Despite the liberal utopia we live in, we can not politely as or invite the iron ore to come to the surface by itself.

James Rowen said...

RD is minimizing the blasting needed to remove miles of hills, then to get 1,000 ft. deep. I may need to withhold RD comments, as the misinformation is getting awfully thick and I see a trend.

Anonymous said...

The problem created by the quarry in Pewaukee just outside Waukesha, is that it is below the water table for the neighborhood. The pumps shallow aquifer water from that water table into the Fox River 24/7-365. Imagine that - you need Lake Michigan water to keep the quarry in operation.

Anonymous said...

"Waukesha has some quarries as does Sussex and Lisbon, Menomonee Falls etc, all with blasting."

And how much pyrite was blasted through in those quarries?

There isn't much pyrite around Waukesha. There's a hell of a lot of it near Ashland.

Sonoma badger said...

I agree. Reagan's Disciple is a knob, a Stockholm syndrome victim of the fox/limbaugh/hannity carbon paper echo chamber. His comments are never unique or thoughtful, simply regurgitated talking points. We can get that crap anytime we want on Fox, CNN, and even MSNBC in the AM.

Anonymous said...

grothman has exceptional expertise with pointy tube shaped objects that squirt liquid substances but he does not seem to understand that what he personally enjoys for his recreational benefit does not actually hold up under outdoor use.

Reagan's Disciple said...


Congratulations, you are another liberal who can't help with the name calling.

So much for respecting others viewpoints, hey? I haven't watched Fox or listened to Limbaugh in years. But, that is yet again, another nice (but failed) attempt to stereotype an opposing viewpoint.

Perhaps the left should change their tagline from "Tolerance & Coexist," to "Hypocritical & Divisive & Name Calling."

It is certainly more fitting for many of you on here.

Here is a script to make it easier for you to follow next time:

1. Read blog post
2. Read previous responses
3. Don't agree with others
4. Post own response
5. Start insults & name calling
6. Repeat (as necessary)
7. Congratulations, you are now officially a member of the Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that caulk works where the sun don't shine! Then again a blast would surely knock it out!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Congratulations, you are another liberal who can't help with the name calling.

Says the guy who incessantly calls me a child. LOL.

At least Sonoma Badger is concise.

Reagan's Disciple said...

ays the guy who incessantly calls me a child. LOL.

My bad... I thought you were. Sorry.

Other Side said...

@RD: The "uniformed"?