Thursday, February 7, 2013

Groups Want Transit Added To Zoo Interchange Project...

And are suing to have the $1.7 billion highway-only project halted until transit and related concerns are are added:

On February 6, 2013, Milwaukee community groups asked a federal court to stop plans to expand the Zoo Interchange in western Milwaukee County unless and until the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration look at incorporating public transportation into the project and properly consider air quality, social and economic effects of their plans.
The groups and their attorneys are pointing to transportation, social and economic inequities that have distorted the $6.4 billion freeway expansion from its beginnings.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission wrote the plan for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Governors Thompson, McCallum, Doyle and Walker continued the planning and implementation, with repeated Legislative financing.


Anonymous said...

We need a bike lane and an animal tunnel for seasonal migration too.

Are r u with me people?

Anonymous said...

walker needs a RAT TUNNEL and republicans need a SECRET ESCAPE POD to avoid accountability for the crimes behind scott walker's media-created "rock star" status and the office that was illegitimately hijacked TWICE via hook or crook.

Are you with me, people?