Friday, February 15, 2013

In WI GOP Legislature, Pay For Play 2.0 Can't Be Far Away

We've got mining special interests writing Wisconsin mining legislation while donating heavily to legislators and the Governor.

The Assembly GOP leadership has begun dunning lobbyists - - not their clients - - $500 each.

Now the Assembly has quietly rolled back fund-raising prohibitions during the budget process.

How long until the next Pay for Play scandal breaks?

Let the clock begin rolling now.


Anonymous said...

It is the media, for which you have some culpability, that is respnsible for every attack on our democracy you blog about.

The constant echo chamber of disinformation from journal communications and the rest of the noise machine create the platform.

You, more than any other blogger in WI, should understand this and, if you actually stood for meaningful change, explain how the media is responsible for creating the false dichotomies that made increasingly radical extreme GOP/koch politics sound more rational.

You silence on the real problem is deafening and does not speak well to what this site is about.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what John Doe is all about?

Gareth said...

Blaming the media for society's troubles has been a standard conservative meme for fifty years. It's discomforting to see this club wielded so clumsily and impotently by someone who seems to be on the other side of the political divide. If only life were so simple.

The loss of something like ten thousand journalism jobs in the last decade has more to do with the decline in our media than anything else. Downsizing does not increase quality.

As far as Republican fundraising reforms are concerned, I fear that it won't be long until lobbyists issue debit cards to legislators so they can make withdrawals from ATMs in the Capitol the moment a bill is passed.