Thursday, February 28, 2013

Various Talkers Giving Sheriff Clarke More Air Time

The David Clarke Guns-And-Media Express is in high gear:

* Fill-in Mark Belling show host Jerry Bott (actually, as I understand it, Bott is Belling's boss, or one of them), tells WISN-AM 1130 listeners this afternoon that Sheriff Clarke will be launching phase two of his pro-gun crusade.

More radio ads, which Bott had been brilliant? Not clear.

* Though Bott said Clarke will phone into Sean Hannity's show tonight along with a crime victim (sounds like a guns-for-self-defense segment).

* And Bott disclosed that Clarke will guest host the Belling program next week, though I missed which day the Sheriff fighting Countywide crime on-the-air.

Wednesday or Thursday, as I recall.

Bott was doing his best Belling imitation today, labeling Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn a "lefty" whom some said had made "hysterical" remarks before a US Senate committee yesterday; the Newtown massacre "an unfortunate incident;" and, in a fit of stereotyping, the near South side of Milwaukee as a place where Bott could buy "blow" in 20 minutes.


AUH2O GOP said...

This is ridiculous! Please Sheriff Clarke run for Mayor already...that's your plan isn't it?

Barrett will clean your clock!!! Your rapidly approaching the Black Helicopter cult!!!

Reagan's Disciple said...

They could only face each other in a primary, as they are both Democrats.

In order to face off in a general election, one would need to switch parties.

But, of course Barrett would win a Mayor's race in Milwaukee. The citizens of Milwaukee like the culture of crime and the drug riddled streets of Flynn and Barrett.

I think Clark has much higher goals than "Mayor." I'd suspect a Statewide run at some point. Not saying he would win, just my sense knowing that his ego is pretty inflated.