Friday, February 22, 2013

Walker's Fail/Deny/Move Up Plan In High Gear

Scott Walker left behind a mess at Milwaukee County - - budget overruns, a death at the Mental Health Complex, a death at O'Donnell Park's garage and pension problems not solved and political operatives working on his staff illegally on politics just outside his office door using surreptitious equipment- - as he set his sights on the Governor's office beginning with an abortive run in 2006, then winning in 2010.

Now he's repeating that pattern: Despite a failing pledge to create 250,000 new private sector jobs after one term, Walker is testing the 2016 presidential waters with an appearance a stone's throw from early caucus state Iowa, and believes he's in a position to lecture Congress on federal fiscal issues.

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Anonymous said...

I understand that many will gather outside the Capitol building the evening of Feb 5, the night before the Legislature is expected to vote on the mining bill. I think of it as a sort of "wake for the Lake (Superior)." I hope others will join us.