Saturday, February 23, 2013

On Mine Bill, GOP Moderates Could Face Conservation Voter Backlash

GOP leaders say their 18-15 State Senate majority will let them lose Sen. Dale Schulz, (Richland Center) and still have the votes to ram the mining bill through

Let's remember that other sometime moderate GOP senators, like Neal Kedzie, (Elkhorn), Luther Olsen, (Ripon), and Rob Cowles, (Green Bay),  like Schultz, have to answer to large numbers of non-ideological conservation and water rights voters.


Anonymous said...

Listened to Luther talk yesterday. He was asked several question - the mining issue was not brought up due to the nature of the situation
He seems like a reasonable person. He has many questions about the voucher school expansion and lack of fair compensatin for public schools. He also wants the residency bill to stand alone.

The question is: will he have the backbone to stand up against Walker.

Anonymous said...

There was a silly liberal who came from Madison
He looked down upon the people, thinking they were dumb
He told them how the mining companies would fill in all the streams
And destroy all the lakes up north, he had seen this in his dreams
But the people didn’t buy it, they wised up to his scheme
He had no interest in their fate, it was only power he wished to seize
His only wish was to watch them dance and jump up and down in fear
As he spoke about the evil iron mine to all that cared to hear
Instead of fear the people spoke up and made it very clear
They will mine the iron and protect the water which they held very dear
Do not insult us with your lies we have done it for many years
We are proud of our achievements and we will not listen to your kind
We will protect the land and water, even as we mine

Jake formerly of the LP said...

You mining supporters really have nothing, do you? Much like the rest of the Republican Party.

THIS BOONDOGGLE WILL NEVER HAPPEN, regardless if anything is jammed through the Legislature. But continue to cling to WMC talking points like the big-talk, small-walk weaklings you are.

Anonymous said...

hey jake, what are you some kind of literary critic? I love it. and it appears to me that your side is about to lose big time and the mining will begin

Jake formerly of the LP said...

"My side will lose?" Unless by "my side" you mean "people who actually respect and care for Wisconsin", I have no clue what you mean by that.

Here's a clue for you "Anonymous" GOP staffers that pollute this and other sites. This isn't a damn sporting event, this is real life and precedent-setting that could set back this state for decades and wreck one if the few advantages it has-excellent natural beauty that makes people want to visit." When this mine fails, WE ALL LOSE except for the handful of Gogebic lobbyists that wrote the bill.

Oh, and hacks like you who make lobbying dollars off of this boondoggle. And the fact that you can't answer the dimple questions we ask of you, and you resorting to childish responses like the adolescents you are, shows that this is a pathetic giveaway that will hurt, not help, this state's economy.

Anonymous said...

"They will mine the iron and protect the water which they held very dear

You keep claiming that, and yet neither you trolls nor Gogebic has ever answered HOW they would keep the pyrite from contaminating the water in the area.

And the reason is that it simply cannot be done. When you pulverize solid rock that has water solubles embedded in it, those water solubles, that is, pyrite, WILL dissolve into the water. And when pyrite gets into water, the result is sulfurous and sulfuric acid.

This isn't rocket science. This is high school chemistry that the GOP is failing now. That is how low you have sunk with science denial

Anonymous said...

Kedzie will not stand up to Fitz....Fitz threw him under the bus on mining last year. Kedzie is chairman of the Natural Resources committee but he and others are so intimidated by Walker's henchmen that they willingly give up moderate ideas to carry water for the "BIG"boys. To vote against the bill would require a pair of big ones and he doesn't possess such equipment anymore. Walker,Vos and Fitz have sen to that.