Friday, February 15, 2013

Paranoia On Local Talk Radio

Sorry for the man-bites-dog headline, but I'm passing on Vicki McKenna's observations on child care so you get a real sense of what the right hears, all day long.

The ultra-conservative Madison-based talker told her 1130 WISN-AM morning audience Thursday that Pres. Barack Obama's proposal for federally-funded universal kindergarten was all about turning babies into liberals.

After kindergarten the kids would be assigned to Head Start, then into the clutches of public school union teachers, and finally to the finishing step in universities by lefty professors, and, presto! Fully-formed liberals.

McKenna added that Head Start was a failed place where parents "dump off" the kids, not an educational program.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Vicki, who once screamed at my son in the toy aisle of the hardware store because he was talking too loudly, would know all about child-rearing. Why do we put up with this nonsense on the air?

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear the program, but as soon as I read about the proposal itself I made a mental prediction of exactly that reaction...