Saturday, February 16, 2013

Walker's Yard Sale

So Walker wants to sell state assets - - buildings, power plants, forests (?), parks (?) - - to cover borrowing for road over-building - - and to pay off the road-building complex, too.

The state is becoming a right-wing piggy bank, and the withdrawals will reduce funding for social programs and transit that the right prefers to starve.

Also being sold off  - - the state's water law legacy, with actual lakes and waterways available for filling as the Penokee Hills and the Bad River Ojibwe culture are targeted for obliteration under the mining law proposal.

To enrich the Cline Group, one Florida coal-mining, privately-owned and politically-active corporation.

Tax phobic (no mining tax allowed for Wisconsin resource extractors) and right-wing Grand Marshal Grover Norquist said government should be shrunk small enough to be drowned in a bathtub.

Walker, instead, wants to strip it of its best parts and sell them for the benefit of his private-sector, special interest campaign and ideological supporters.

In a democracy and for public policy - - equally damaging and cynical.


Pt said...

Rest stops?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Rest stops are definitely on the list, if you check out the DOT budget request. Wanna take a leak? She'll out a dollar at the Diane Hendricks Welcome Station

Anonymous said...

Where do I get in line? I would like to pick up a little of that water legacy, and I have some fill that I need to dump somewhere. Do I have to transport it all the way to northern Wisconsin or can I just find a local stream to dump it in around here in Madison? Can I get one of those Indian drums they use when they come here to protest the mines? That would be way cool. I drove by that Penokee hill once but didn’t see much, they can keep that. Is there anything in the Madison area that might be fun to have? I really don’t care to drive up north, too many of those darn trees in the forest for my taste, I hope someone buys them and cuts them down. That would improve the view.

Pt said...

Ever been to a tollway rest stop in Indiana?

That's what's coming to Wisconsin.

McDonald's and Subway are lining up to privatize the rest stops.

JOBS? Low paying ...

Anonymous said...

Good for him! TGFSW!

Mitch said...

They could get a fortune for Devil's Lake State Park. Great location for water slides and lots of mine-able quartzite.

Michael Malcheski said...

While running for District 4 Assembly last fall I tried to tell the hunter gun owners that the hidden agenda behind bringing in the Texas "Deer Czar" was to begin the process of selling off public lands for the creation of ranches-which he specifically promoted and put in place in Texas; and NO ONE took his comment that public lands are "socialism" seriously. It'sa time to wake up!