Thursday, February 7, 2013

WI Righty Website Commentary: Gabby Gifford Is "Playing Us"

What a publicity hound, that Gabby Gifford. I forget - - just why is she in the news and exploiting us?

You'll have to subscribe to Charlie Sykes' new, Journal Broadcast Group's conservative media platform RightWisconsin to find out what's behind Gifford's scheme.

Sykes teased the commentary's availability earlier this morning.

The author is former Sykes colleague and WTMJ-AM talker James T. Harris, now broadcasting from a Tuscon radio station.


Anonymous said...

Please post a screen grab of the page instead of giving hits to his web site. Charlie Sykes is a detestable troll.

Betsey said...

Shades of Rush Limbo calling Michael J. Fox's testimony before Congress regarding the use of stem cells in disease research "exaggerated for effect."
I won't even bother asking if they have no shame. Too obvious.