Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lindsey Graham No Match For Ed Flynn

Nice to see the Milwaukee police chief make Lindsay Graham appear small and ineffectual.

And Craig Gilbert gathered strong Flynn comments after the chief had finished spanking Graham:

"Here's what just frosts me," Flynn said in the interview. "I'm sitting up there and I'm hearing this smarmy crocodile tears (from the ban's opponents): 'Oh, we respect law enforcement, but we can't keep AK-47s from being shot at you.' 'Oh, we're so sorry your children are dead. But we wouldn't dream of inconveniencing gun owners to reduce that.' "

Flynn went on:

"I mean it is fraudulent. OK, there's a lot of money and a big industry that buys political support. It's that's simple! There are 2,000 guns exempted by this bill from its provisions. And believe me, this business about the magazine capacity? Please! If you can't hit your target after 10 rounds, you're a menace to society. I mean, stop it."

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

That was sweet. Graham was not happy about that, and Feinstein had to rein him in. So he filibustered from there on out, not allowing Flynn to actually say anything further. That's not the mark of a master debater.