Sunday, February 10, 2013

Media Note Heavy Opposition In Proposed Mining Area

If legislators seriously listened to public testimony, and local leaders, the mining bill would be going nowhere:

Mike Wiggins Jr., Bad River tribal chairman, said the mine would threaten the wild rice beds at the mouth of the Bad River on Lake Superior because of sulfide that could be produced by mine waste piles, and also because of silt from earth and ground-up stone.

Larry McDonald, the mayor of Bayfield, also warned of potential damage to Lake Superior.

“Do no harm to Lake Superior,” McDonald said. “Don’t screw it up. We get only one shot at this.”


Anonymous said...

quit propping up the dysfunctional media that enables everything you blog about. The largest elements of the media echo chamber are not covering this in any serious way and most people will never see a report from duluth -- besides, that isn't even a wisconsin newspaper.

You ol' newspaper guys are just as responsible for the propaganda as faux news -- you just perform a different roll, propping up the charade -- the lie of "balanced" and "objective" journalism.

Laurie Longtine said...

Mike Wiggins also said, "We can't mitigate Lake Superior."

James Rowen said...

To Anonymous: If you read the Duluth newspaper report more carefully, you would have seen that the byline is Ron Seely's, from the State Journal.

If you think this blog is lying propaganda, why are you reading it?

Why not start your own blog with your own truths?

AnonyBob said...

Anony 12:58,
What is your deal? I've noticed you ranting at James lately, equating him with the MSM and even blaming him for the Journal-Sentinal's poor coverage. Either you don't read him much, don't know his background, or, as is more likely, you are a worthless troll on the staff of the McIver Institute. In any case, your comments are laughable, in that unhumorous kinda way.

Anonymous said...

Wiggins might have been referring to the retention time of Lake Superior. It takes 191+ years for water to be completely replaced in the lake because it is so deep. For comparison, Lake Erie, which is much shallower, has a retention time of 2.6 years.

Laurie Longtine said...

@Anonymous 4:01 pm:

I think Wiggins was saying something much more profound, that is we'll never be able to replace a Great Lake once it's been drained or destroyed--especially Lake Superior, the biggest, baddest, coldest, cleanest, greatest and awesome-est Great Lake of them all.

Or that only God can make a Great Lake.