Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 GOP Bumper Sticker; Old Wine In Old Bottle

Republican officials in 2013 keep behaving like it was 1953.

And that 2012 didn't happen.

* Ron Johnson voted Tuesday against extending domestic violence protections to gay and Native American women.

The vote was 78-22. All the "No" votes were cast by Republican men..

Women voters, heard loudly at the polls in November, and others living life in a more diverse culture will remember those 22 "no" votes, Johnson's included.

* Scott Walker said he will decline available federal funding to expand health insurance for Wisconsin low-income residents.

Healthy workers are better workers and add more value to the economy, but Walker could care less as he still fights the federal government bogeyman on behalf of his right-wing funders and their lost war against Obamacare.

* Marco Rubio recycled between nationally-televised sips of bottled Poland Spring water in his rebuttal to Pres. Obama's State of the Union address the recently-rejected Romney/Ryan 'federal government is bad ' meme.

Same message Walker delivered on health care and Johnson to women looking for stronger laws against domestic violence.

And, again - - a basic lesson of the 2012 election was missed by the party of "No."

People see an affirmative role for government in their lives and communities.
Pushing against it will not help the GOP to a national majority in 2016.

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Dave Reid said...

Dark ages. Heck at the city you can get your email to be entered as part of the record, but apparently the state is still in the dark ages.