Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Walker/Talk Radio Alliance at 50,000 Watts Right Now

Both the Governor and Charlie Sykes are currently chatting each other up over Walker's ideologically-correct refusal yesterday of federal funds to expand Medicaid for low-income residents.

The stage was set before big business yesterday. Talking points and numbers have been exchanged, so now cue up the talkers.

Walker's obviously got data and notes on his desk to buttress his manipulation of uninsured, low-income Wisconsinites to...wait for them "break the cycle of dependency" and "transition to the private sector."

To become 'independent of the government," says a guy who's been on the government payroll for the last 20 years.

Another benefit Walker notes, twice so far. "Drive[s] the left nuts."

That, and transitioning pressuring low-income people into "happier...more prosperous lives" when they learn that government programs are limited and temporary, Walker says.



Anonymous said...

It ain't just the talkers -- there is a vast propaganda network that included almost every nooooozepaper in wisconsin and the television stations too.

Guess as a noooozepaper person, it promotes your self interest by making this all about radio.

But there is not any honest print media or television reports either -- it isn't about the format of propaganda, it is the lie of objective journalism.

A. Wag said...

They shine brightest when they shine on each other.