Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Details On 20 Illegal Wolf Kills Recorded By DNR In 2012

In response to an Open Records request, the Wisconsin DNR provided information on 20 illegal wolf kills it recorded in 2012 - - the year in which the first legal hunt was authorized by the legislature and implemented by the DNR.

The 20 illegal kills were among 123 wolf deaths in Wisconsin outside of the official 2012 hunt "harvest" of 117, the State Journal reported, bringing the total last year to 240.

Incomplete or imprecise information in the DNR information about the 20 illegal deaths provided was due to animal decomposition or available investigative data.

I have culled these details from the record.

Sex - - 10 males, 10 females.

Counties - - Bayfield, 3. Chippewa, Price, Taylor and Douglas - -  2 each. Sawyer, Burnett, Wood, Eau Claire, Walworth, Oconto, Adams, Jackson, Dane - - 1 each.

Cause of death - - Illegally shot, 15. One each as: Illegally shot; Illegally killed; Illegally shot as coyote; Illegally killed shot /arrow?; illegally killed-trapped, shot.

Carcass Disposition - - Whole, 17. One each as: Carcass without head; Head only; carcass disposed of; Collar only found.

Final disposition/Fine - - N/A or blank in 18 cases. In Delavan, for Larry A. Ellis, No contest/$152.55; In Arlington, for Nathan Campbell, Initial Court Appearance on 1/08/13/ $410.40.


Anonymous said...

They are not even close. I know for a fact that my county which is not listed, have had more kills then the county with the most listed.

Anonymous said...

Horrible, unthinkable &cruel. These gross human beings need to be fined, jailed & do community service. What is wrong with people today. Have they forgot GOD'S laws? We are to nurture & care for GOD'S CREATURES.

Anonymous said...

Why would a governmental agency re-introduce an unwanted animal into an area where it potentially kills domestic animals and insists the domestic animals, pets, be restrained for the easy kill?

Anonymous said...

Wolves are a danger to our pets and children. Their natural instinct is to hunt and kill. When you see them in your own back yard only several hundred yards from your children playing near a pond, watching them maybe even stalking them, you might think differently about hunting them. Our for father's got rid of them for a reason. These are not cute little pets, they ate killers.

Anonymous said...

Gods creatures .....have you read the bible? Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Wolves are vicous and they are out to kill; like satan. There is no good in a wolf. What about the cute deer or farmers calves or my neighors dog.......wolves need to die. Our ancestors killed them off for a reason the wolf has only one predator, humans.