Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Mining Outrage: Walker Bill Would Cut Rock Waste Dumping Fees More than 99%

The state projects a loss of $171 million for pollution abatement and other environmental clean-up funds because Walker's mining bill proposes the current $7-per-ton mine rock waste dumping fee be cut to 2.7 cents.

Less than one-half of one percent of the current fee.

Remember that the bill does not include a tax per ton on ore extracted, but settles for payment on ore sales profits at the end of the mining process - - thus subject to market forces.

So Walker would let an out-of-state mining company/campaign contributor come in, get involved in writing a bill that would wreck the Penokee Hills and Bad River watershed and then contribute literally pennies - - virtually nothing - - to state clean-up funds.

This is beyond sick.

WISC-TV3 and AP had the details:

A Legislative Fiscal Bureau has released a paper examining changes the bill makes to waste rock disposal fees. Currently, mining companies must pay the state about $7 per ton. The money helps fund recycling efforts, sediment and water pollution abatement programs and state administration of contaminated land and brownfield cleanup programs.
The bill would reduce those fees to about 3 cents per ton. The paper stated the move means Gogebic Taconite wouldn't have to pay the state about $171 million annually it would otherwise owe.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the map and write-up in the Press Release from Wachs and Clark? If not check it out. Shows the streams/headwaters that could be filled with the new "this doesn't change a THING" Law.
I was also glad to see Wachs-Clark mention that this establishes a legal precedent for the ENTIRE state, going forward with all things. That has not been said enough to date IMO. I was really skeptical about Wachs, assuming he'd be another soggy biskit like the dreaded Smith-Dexter fail-duo. All the signs were there. But right now Wachs is being a very good boy. Hope he stays with it. And as always, yay Fred Clark.
p.s. The map, don't forget to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Wach's will be an EF Hutton. When he talks, everyone should listen. He is an intelligent and gentle man. Watch carefully, he will surprise you!
From a hometown friend.

Anonymous said...

Real smart to post about a press release without a link. How can you lose 170 million which you never received? More total nonsense.

Max B said...

"Remember that the bill does not include a tax per ton on ore extracted, but settles for payment on ore sales profits at the end of the mining process - - thus subject to market forces."

Sorry to steal your sentence and rewrite its end, but I am compelled to add: -- thus subject to market forces AND CREATIVE ACCOUNTING TECHNIQUES.

There is one guaranteed certainty now, before any mining bill is passed or any mine is built: as long as the legislation taxes profits only, there will be no profits, and thus no profit-sharing. Gar-ohn-teed.

Anonymous said...

The tipping fees are those intended for state licensed solid waste disposal sites. The clarification is made in the bill to avoid the possibility of claiming that the mine somehow fits this category. This is also nothing new and was also a provision of AB426.

Anonymous said...

What kind of BS is up with that Clark Wachs map? It looks like the mine is in the middle of nowhere with a couple of drainage ditches. I thought the damn thing was in the middle of an indian rice paddy next to Lake Superior and they were going to have to bulldoze over little kids and old ladies and pour a stream of billions of gallons of sulfuric acid into the lake and destroy all living things. Now I am really disappointed; this damn mine is nothing but a scratch on the surface of the earth. What a joke.

Seeing the handwriting on the wall said...

Why all the bantering about taxes and fees. It a wasteful exercise. The fix is in.

It all boils down to a few simple facts.

1. They are going to steal the resources.
2. They are going to pay nothing in fees and taxes.
3. They are going to leave communities with debt and cleanup nightmares.
4. Their departing message will beF*** you!!!

Rather than using a gun to get away with the goods.
They just bought the law and the sheriffs.

James Rowen said...

So would you prefer no information be communicated?

Gareth said...

This is absolutely amazing. Third world countries get better mining deals than this. It looks like the millions of dollars that Cline Resources funneled to Republicans will earn an incredible return.

Hey Cheeseheads, how does it feel to be colonized?

Writing and dents on the wall said...

So would you prefer no information be communicated?

NO! That is why I read your site and others everyday.

Just somedays the frustration boils out.

I've heard a blogger say "Remember with Walker there is always more".

Someday the mores are just a little to much.

Especially if you live in the north at ground zero for this outrage.

My wife won't let me hit the walls anymore and the TV hasn't had a screen in it since.....

Blowing off steam on your site and others is still and acceptable outlet ... right?

Keep up the good work.

James Rowen said...

To Writing...I hear you. Thanks for checking in here.