Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Retail Politics Discounted At WI Legislature Today

GOP legislators from both houses today in Madison will trade down from retail politics to wholesale sellout when they run an industry-crafted mining bill through two committees.

And GOP leaders have removed any doubt about whose interests in this sham process are being served by scheduling the votes in two different committee rooms at the same time, so even if you promise on a stack of official Scott Walker For Governor biographies to be solid citizens and swear to sit still, hat/sign/camera-free like good boys and girls, you could only see and hear the discussion and watch the vote at one of the meetings.

Politicians in a democracy practice full-on retail politics during campaigns, meeting with and speaking before as many voters as possible.

Today, at the mining committee votes - - not so much - - since the deal has already been done.

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Anonymous said...

And it was media propaganda that made all of this possible -- yet no one that knows or should know better says boo about it.