Friday, July 8, 2016

WMC launches contest to distract from Walker's job fail

[Updated] The Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is a leading financial and public relations promoter of GOP Governor Scott Walker, so how embarrassing is it that Walker's big promise to create 250,000 new private-sector jobs by January, 2015 had been a high-profile failure - - and after 5.5 years in office, he's only 67% there - - while the state consistently registers low on indices as varied as business startups - - dead last - - to the condition of the roads - - 47th nationally.

Another recent survey showed investment capital fell 40% from last year.

Basically things are not cool here.

So what's the WMC's answer?

Looks to me like some fun and games, such as a contest to find the coolest thing made in Wisconsin!!

How about Hypocrisy, as the tone-deaf contest planners are offering up a Trek bike as a Coolest Thing possibility - 

A Trek bicycle, a Marquis yacht, an Oshkosh Defense tactical vehicle, a Kohler bathroom fixture — the possibilities for nominations are endless, WMC said in its news release.
- even though the Walkerites dumped on 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke, attacked and denigrated her service to the firm and took existing footage touting Trek out of a WEDC video promoting Wisconsin. 

But back to fun and games.

Reminds me of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary, business-devotee and party planner Cathy Stepp's all-agency Halloween party to distract from her boss's Act 10's worker hostility and her own special, public contempt for the people she eventually would manage.

What's next? 

We can't have a contest for the Coolest Thing Wisconsin Deliberately Threw Away, as that award in perpetuity goes to Walker and the Federally-financed train between Madison and Milwaukee he successfully blocked.

Ditto for fully-funded, complete medical coverage for low-income citizens, also thrown away so Walker could make the same anti-Obama, anti-federal policy argument he 'ade' with the Amtrak funding FUBAR.

So, instead, how about:

*  A WisDOT contest to find the state's deepest pothole, since our roads rank fourth worst nationally?

* A DNR contest for most minimal fine for overspreading human waste near residential wells?

* Or another DNR contest for slushiest, no-citation industrial-scale feedlot runoff? One recent possibility - - showing manure after a heavy rain that had been trucked into Portage County from a Juneau County CAFO - - below.

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