Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Walker's WI DNR goes extra mile to please his big donors

Neither wind, nor rain, nor snow, nor the the appearance of gross favoritism, nor the overt reality of a double-standard during Scott Walker's "chamber of commerce" regime when compared to what is denied to everyday people who live near big feedlots to whom the GOP-controlled Wisconsin DNR, Governor's office, Attorney General or Legislature are beholden will stop our special-interest beholden 'leaders'  from going the extra mile to ensure that key Walker donors can have their hearts'  desire: lakefront access for their northwoods condo project:
The Department of Natural Resources has reworked details of a high-profile land transaction in northern Wisconsin that involves a major political supporter of Gov. Scott Walker after an initial deal drew sharp criticism and complaints of favoritism.
Even if this second proposed new land deal is better than the first, why aren't the people living near the big, manure-spewing feedlots who are denied government intervention to assure their right to clean drinking water...

...or the citizens battling the proposed Kohler golf course on the Lake Michigan shoreline that will clear-cut or fill major portions of a 247-acre nature preserve assured of receiving the same kind of attention and advocacy that the bellhops running the DNR provide to the powerful and wealthy whose special needs get reworked to their satisfaction? 

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Anonymous said...

They were probably waiting for some distraction to release this. The flooding in NW Wisconsin is providing cover for this land swap.