Monday, July 4, 2016

WI DNR enabling gigantic hog farm plan near Lake Superior

The corruption of the once-proud Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources into a room service operation for polluting industries got deeper last week when the agency banned a Bayfield County ordinance designed to establish local controls over the siting of a gigantic hog feed operation and its world-scale manure retention pits close to Lake Superior and area drinking water supplies.

The corporate-obesiant agency intentionally remade along "chamber of commerce" lines by Gov. Scott Walker and managed with senior managers from private industry is taking the position that the County can't enforce its ordinance because the 26,000-hog farm isn't open yet - - at which point it will be too late for any meaningful local regulation to take place.

The only way to save Wisconsin's environment and protect the water which common sense and the state constitution says belongs to all the people is to vote Scott Walker, the development crowd he put in charge of the DNR and his power-hungry legislative cronies who have busied themselves since 2011 killing local control out of office.


Anonymous said...


Scott Walker's BFF, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel which is now owned by USA Today, is featuring an entirely bogus story which is intentionally written to deflect responsibility from our Governor and his political cronies:

Sexual assault victims in Wisconsin forced to wait for tests

Absolutely no mention is made of the refusal of the State to fund needed services. Instead, the article only talks about hospitals absorbing the cost as if that is the only way to provide needed and necessary procedures to prosecute the crime of rape.

This is just another example of the fact that Walker does not work for the citizens he has a sworn duty to serve. He works for out-of-state multinational business interests. The media allows him to pretend to be tough on crime, yet his austerity-for-the-masses and massive tax give-aways to his contributors undermines law enforcement and our criminal justice system.

The real story behind the inability for rape victims to get the services they need and which law-enforcement and prosecutors must have to fight this crime is that republicans cannot govern.

But don't expect to see the truth from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This dishonest story will be catapulted across the Wisconsin right-wing media echo chamber as noooze. This is why Scott Walker will be Governor of Wisconsin for as long as he chooses. He gets even more supportive propaganda from the usual shills than Tommy Thompson used to get

NOTE: Tommy is frequently intoxicated and is a sexual philanderer, but the media propped him up as a "family values" kind-of-guy.

Anonymous said...

Before we can get rid of him and his cronies....he will have destroyed the state. He is a dictator who has ended any thought of local control!

my5cents said...

How can the DNR ban a local community's ordinance? I would think that would take an act of the Legislature and Senate. The entire current administration in Madison stinks worse than pig manure. And it really stinks. I know because I grew up on a farm. Too bad we are not doing a recall on Walker and Kleefisch in November.

Anonymous said...


Actually, compared to Walker and his divisive policies to attach Wisconsin for the benefit of his donors, pig manure smells pretty sweet. But anonymouse 7:33 am has it right. we are stuck with scotty for a long long time because Wisconsin's power-brokers in Wisconsin have decided that is they way it will be.

Nothing will change unless we organize economic boycotts of the media and the advertisers that support it.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I witnessed a teacher invite Thompson to see the summer program they were running in Northern Wisconsin. She politely mentioned that they were struggling with funding. Tommy blew a gasket and began yelling loudly at her. My guess is about a hundred teachers witnessed him being an A1 horses ass.

The next day the headline on the article was "Teacher Confront Thompson". The story made it sound as if Tommy was attacked. Many of us called the Wisconsin State Journal and we all got the same response, which still is stuck in my craw: "Who are we going to believe, the governors press spokesman or a teacher."

The MJS is now far worse than this when dealing with Walker. You can even see it in Politifact. He will give them an utterly ridiculous line of garbage and they always rate him up a level or two. The MJS is a despicable pile of trash and should be boycotted by every citizen who wants to read the truth.

Anonymous said...

If a county's intention is to protect Nature,
our health, wildlife, potable water (like pristine Fish Creek up in Bayfield) then trying to "work with the DNR/DATCP" is not gonna help that county succeed.
DNR stands for Death to Natural Resources.