Friday, July 15, 2016

Newt wasn't wacky enough for wacky Donald

Alleged GOP Big Thinker Newt Gingrich 
Newt Gingrich (6238567189) (cropped).jpg
just showed that he wasn't Trumpian enough to be The Donald's running mate on the 2016 GOP national ticket.

Gingrich just proposed a logistics-and-budget-and US Constitution-breaking scheme to give all residents somehow identified as Muslim a test to determine their allegiance to Sharia law, and to deport any secret Sharia law adherent who flunked the test.

But Gingrich was wrong politically to parse the plan into some sort of Super-SAT exam.

Tests, shmests for the GOP these days. Can you say Trump University?

Didn't he remember that Trump was for rounding up and deporting all Mexicans living illegally in the US?

That's how you make American great again.

Though it is surprising that Newt didn't close the loop by suggesting that Sharia law devotees uncovered by his test be rocketed to the moon colony he promised he'd build by 2020 if he were elected President in 2012.

That's the kind ion YUGE thinking which might have gotten the Donald's attention, but Pence is in and Newt is out and the moment is lost.

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