Friday, July 29, 2016

WI voting barriers erected by Walker, GOP ruled illegal

A huge win for unfettered voting, as a federal judge in Wisconsin - - on the same day related measures were invalidated in North Carolina - - ruled that several GOP-written, Scott Walker-endorsed-and-signed voting barriers were unconstitutional.

I have no doubt that as with GOP-written, Scott Walker-endorsed-and signed legal barriers to the provision of legal abortion services which were also ruled illegal, Walker and his allies knew these laws were un-American and would be knocked out in the Federal Courts.

But they went ahead knowingly and intentionally contaminating the legislative process and rigging the system with the public's funds for as long as possible and as deeply as possible to gain for themselves and their party as much partisan advantage as possible - - just like the operation of Walker's gubernatorial campaign's secret email system and illegal use of public resources evaded the Open Records law until its revelation in 2010 - - until law-and-order was restored.

I would not be surprised if Walker's creation of a mandatory drug testing program public aid recipients - - based on no known science or set of compelling facts other than partisanship and dog-whistling to his base - - meets a similar fate.

Such a joke that Walker has thrown in with the ill-informed demagogue Donald Trump's purported law-and-order campaign when Trump has endorsed the illegal torture of battlefield prisoners and execution of their families and while signature Walker programs which were twisted into law are being ruled illegal.


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Peter Felknor said...

I'm still waiting to see a picture of our governor with a black person in it. So far, no one has been able to show me one--and I've been waiting for six years.

Kinda makes you wonder. It's not like we live in Nova Scotia or something.