Saturday, July 2, 2016

Appropriate WI clown gets second-hand Trump delegate seat

Which clown, you ask, would want to stand, cheer and vote to nominate Donald Trump at the GOP convention others are running from?

This one - - working up a plan to "hammer" Milwaukee Public Schools. 

And in case you forgot, it's the same guy who wanted the State Patrol to arrest 14 of his colleagues:

Senate orders arrest of missing Democrats
In an open letter to the Senate, Madison attorneys Lester Pines and Susan Crawford said "none of the fourteen absent Senators has been charged with a crime. Nor has any crime occurred. The Wisconsin Senate has absolutely no authority to order any of its members arrested or taken into custody in order to compel their attendance." 
And the same guy with a scintillating Twitter feed:
 I was honored to receive the first ever “Friend of Kwik Trip” award yesterday.


Unknown said...

It would be satisfying to think that Fitzgerald would be embarrassed by this back-handed honor, but he'll enjoy the show and the attention. He's actually much worse than Walker for the state of Wisconsin, and is probably smarter. (That's not saying much.)

Anonymous said...

Fitz opens his mouth and nothing that makes sense comes out. His fix for MPS's failing schools is to cut funding to MPS. The failing schools are in income segregated neighborhoods in which family stability is weak, jobs are lacking and students rarely remain enrolled in a given school for the entire school year. But "ol" Fitz says if MPS is not going to allow an outside entity to come in and operate these schools with no control or oversight by the MPS board while the funds for this experiment come out of MPS's pocket......then Fitz will kneecap the district by cutting their funds! The Republicans in the legislature are so power drunk along with their leader Walker that they will impose anything even if it makes no sense and does no good ......"JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN!" Wisconsin....wake up and do not vote for any Republican seeking office this fall......if not we are doomed for more of this "BEAT DOWN!"

Anonymous said...

Kwik trip buys gas from the Koch brothers.