Friday, July 22, 2016

Wisconsin deserves better than...

A Governor-in-title only who will now trade his insubstantial, closed-door 'listening sessions' alleged to be the repair for self-inflicted damage via The Failed Walker Presidential Campaign 2015 for his even more distant and disrespectful Surrogate-for-the-Megalomaniac Campaign Tour 2.0 which again leaves Wisconsin interests at the curb.

Wisconsin deserves better.

A real Wisconsin Governor honestly engaged with his state and citizenry would never have spent most of the last week playing presidential player in Cleveland and been absent as was our careerist Ronald Reagan wannabe from the state's flood-ravaged Northwestern counties.

Wisconsin deserves better.

A real Governor representing all the people of his state would not go all-in for a Presidential candidate who publicly mocked the disabled, slurred a Federal judge born in Indiana of Mexican descent, endorsed violence at his rallies ("knock the crap out of [protestors]," insulted women from Heidi Cruz, to Fox News' Megyn Kelly, to former GOP rival Carly Fiorina and as Trump did again last night, regularly and knowingly lie about the state of the nation and what he falsely called "the facts."

The country deserves than a crazed CEO who thinks the world is a job site and fellow citizens are employees.

And Wisconsin deserves better that an an equally self-absorbed Trumpian Mini-Me.

The sooner the better.

Where do I buy my window sign or bumper sticker?


Anonymous said...

Well, actually, if Wisconsin actually deserved better they wouldn't have sent him back to the Governors office THREE times. At the very least, people would demand transparent, verifiable, free, fair, and open elections; but they aren't doing that either.

So when the state sells out its elections, including the tabulation of results, to out-of-state interests and proprietary concerns, we really do get the government we deserve. Ultimately, this poster faults the democratic party of Wisconsin for being such a lame and poor-excuse for political competition.

But that is just my take. Jim Doyle was not a popular governor and had little ability to work with anyone. He should never have been on the top of the ticket -- in Wisconsin. Says volumes about the state party.

Walker, with the help of his media allies and out-of-state money, took advantage of this.

Anonymous said...

@anon 4:26

You think Walker is better than Doyle?

Don't ever tell me that Scott Walker or Wisconsin Republicans are fiscal conservatives. That's bullshit.

Republicans are corporate whores. Once lobbyists open the check book from big business the voters are immaterial.

No longer in this state.

Anonymous said...

America deserves better. This fall we will have a choice between electing a fascist that promises to delegate domestic & international policy to the koch brothers through their tool Mike Pense or a pair of bankster goons.

Walker wins because the democratic party in Wisconsin is a dysfunctional network of political hacks and on the national level later this year we can choose between a war monger or a reality TV star that plans on doing nothing and will let the koch brothers steer the ship while he promotes himself.

It will be best, in the eyes of many, to refuse to participate in such a charade. I probably stay home in November -- there are no real choices in America's 2-party system.